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  • Cens.com Bent Nose Pliers GEORGE WANG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.

  • Bent Nose Pliers

    Serial: 6 1/2"Bent Nose Pliers ( SA-505S ) ; Product Feature • Serrated jaws to hold material easily • Spring return action • Ergonomic grips give operator a comfortable hold Pr....more
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    GEORGE WANG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Cens.com book_h

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  • Cens.com Cable Cutter FIRST FOREVER CO., LTD.

  • Cable Cutter

    Serial: CC-500; CC-80 / CC-250 / CC-500 are ranging cutters for cutting copper and aluminum cables up to 80 sq.mm AWG 300 MCM / 250 sq.mm 500 MCM / 500 sq.....more
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