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Beauty Mirror (Triple Mirror) 3

Beauty Mirror (Triple Mirror) 3" ** For cosmetic use

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Beauty Mirror (Triple Mirror) 3" ** For cosmetic use
1) Personal
2) To the hotel: An old Chinese adage goes something like this: "a girl will doll herself up for the man who loves her", and your policy to allow guests to take away the lovely 3x magnification makeup mirror allows a husband to bring it back to his wife as a free gift, which the wife appreciates as a thoughtful gift. The wife then shows it to her friends, making all envy her and want to own one too. With such a thoughtful 3x magnification makeup mirror, it can attract customers to stay at the hotel for their next trip. Returning guests and new guest referrals from those who have stayed at a hotel before are the reason for any hotel's sustainable growth and operations. Here’s to hoping for continued business growth and a full occupancy rate!

One Side: Flat Mirror
Another Side: Triple Mirror (enlarge Three Times)
Steel Frame, chrome plated or [Stainless Steel] as you like.

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