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Puff Dino 192 Spray Grease
Puff Dino 192 Spray Grease

Model:DI30.40 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

* Volume: 220ml/ 420ml
* Packaging: 12 cans/box, 24cans/box

* Durable under high temperature 309 degrees Fahrenheit(160 degrees Celsius) and high pressure.
* Superior long-lasting lubricating and anti-rust feature.
* The unique ingenious nozzle can nimbly utilize to interior and the small area of machinery.
* Able to apply on wet metal surface and prevent oxidation and other corrosion.

* Automotive/Motor sport: Lubricates auto parts, motorcycle.
* Around the House: Electric rolling door, house ware.
* Factory: Hand tools, gear wheel, and precision machinery instrument.

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