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CNC Teach-In Lathe
CNC Teach-In Lathe

Model:BNC-2600 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Standard accessories:

* Fagor 8055TC/A CNC Controller

* 82mm spindle bore

* 11/15Kw main spindle motor for center length 40”/60”.

* 15/22Kw main spindle motor for center length 80”/120”/160”.

* Automatic speed changer

* Chuck sliding guard with interlock device

* Gap bed

* Tailstock

* Fully enclosed front guarding with interlock system for center length 40”/60”/80”

* Traveling front single door with interlock safety device for center length 120”/160”

* Coolant system

* Lubrication system

* Low voltage circuit system

* CE Norms

* Leveling pads

* Operation manual & parts list (in English)

* Tool set & kits

Option accessories:

l Enlarged 106mm/153mm spindle bore

l Cam lock D1-8 spindle bore for 82mm/106mm spindle

l 2400rpm spindle speed

l 15/22Kw spindle bore

l TB-160 V8/VDI40 turret, brand Baruffaldi

l LS-160 8 station hyd. turret

l Electric 4 way tool post

l Boring bar base/holder

l TBMA-160 V8/VDI40 power turret, brand Baruffaldi

l C axis

l Rear chuck mounting preparation

l Rear chuck guard

l Manual 3-jaw chuck

l Hyd. 3-jaw chuck

l Automatic bar feeder

l Roller steady rest 20-200mm

l Roller steady rest 180-410mm

l Hydraulic steady rest preparation

l Follow rest 20-200mm

l Enlarged 100mm tailstock quill

l Hyd. tailstock quill

l Tailstock end cover with limit switch

l Full enclosure guarding for 120”/160” length.

l Chip conveyor + wash down system

l Air conditioner for electric cabinet

l Heat exchanger for electric cabinet


l Protable MPG

l Transformer for other than 220V

l Tool holders

l Fanuc 0iTC with 8.4” LCD display and manual guide 0i

l Fanuc 0iTC with 10.4” LCD display and manual guide i

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