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Actual Power Co., Ltd. is an expert manufacturer of angle-cutting band saws. With sophisticated design, our band saws are better than conventional models in terms of functions, fittings, and style. Available in multifunctional and economy series (see pictures), our band saws rotate through 0~60 degrees, suitable for steel shaping.

Using a hollow-shaft speed reducer as gearing to eliminate the axial load on the output shaft, our band saws are quiet, highly durable and steady, capable of high-efficiency cutting, much better than conventional models, which have output shafts with traditional speed reducer and thus suffer from saw blade's centrifugal force, leading to noise and short operating life. Our products feature an independent control box with a user-friendly, easy-reading LCD speed display, plus highly stable hydraulic feed and control circuit that effectively enhance the durability of saw blades, while concealing the oil circuit, with independent distribution box for a neat look and easy maintenance.

Besides the U.S. and some European countries, we also plan to export to Eastern Europe and newly emerging markets. Insisting on "quality is our first priority and always try for the best", we will continue to develop even better, innovative band saws, making the "Actual Power" brand well-known and marketable globally.


Band Saws, Angle Cutting, Auto Band Sawing Machines, Auto Double-Column Hydraulic Band Sawing Machien, Auto Hydraulic Band Sawing Machines, Horizontal Type Band Saws


Number of Total Employees: 20
Year Established: 2006
Production Mode: OEM, ODM
Total Annual Sales (USD): $3.5 million
Export Percentage: 80%
Export Market: Global
Brand Name: Actual-Power
Capital (USD): $0.45 million
Business Type: Manufacturer
Competitive Advantages: Our management has over two decades of R&D experience and production expertise related to band saws.
Contact Person: Ke Jun-ming (General Manager)
Wang Hsiu-hsing (Accountant)

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