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Our Management Philosophy and Vision
Sharp-eyed is founded in 1983. “Hardworking, Responsibility, and Customer First”
are the traditional mottos we have stood on for decades. It requires stable and
professional products to fit into this competitive global market. In order to assure
product quality, we established the Reliability Laboratory to execute all kinds of tests,
including torque and pull test, surface roughness test, hardness test, salt spray test
and hazardous substances test. Customer’s trust reflects our worth. Let our service
become your memorable lifetime choice.

Since our establishment, we have devoted ourselves to develop different products for
diversified industries. For our staff, we have a sound program to help them be more
professional and excel in their fields. By doing so, we hope to open up a global
market for our products. Low-Cost and High-Quality create a win-win situation for
both us and our customers. Dharma Master Cheng Yen once said,” Bigger wishes,
stronger desires.” Our vision is what motivates usto become better and better.


Machine Screw, Bolt, Round Nut, Other Fasteners, Rivet, Thumb Screw, CNC Precision Parts, Inserts for Plastic, Sheet Metal Fasteners, Steel Fasteners


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