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Establishment and Capitalization: Founded in September 1, 1990 by a group of energetic, ambitious young men, Omexey Enterprise Co., Ltd. focused on producing furniture in its initial stage. With an initial capital investment of NT$8 million, our firm is operated successfully under the guidance of our chairman, Owen Lin. Also in 1990, we set up our trade department. In view of the fact that competition among manufacturers in this field in the international market has become more and more drastic, we established a clock plant in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China in 1995 to provide our clients more choices of services.
We founded our first furniture plant in Dongguan in 1996. Since wooden furniture and wooden clocks have become more and more popular and occupied a greater share of the market, we organized a woodenware plant, the Dongguan Powerite Wood Co., Ltd., in 2000, hoping that versatility-added production lines would greatly help with the marketing of our products.
Our second furniture plant in Dongguan, Guangdong Province was not opened until very recently, handling the production of metal-tube furniture. Also in 2001 in Dongguan, we set up our PU lighting plant, the Hung Yung Artware Products Co., Ltd., and the Hung Sheng Artware Products Co., Ltd., a woodenware plant, to further expand our productivity and sharpen our competitive edge in markets worldwide. After years of devotion to our business, our capital has reached NT$80 million.
Bases for Operations:Changhua furniture and Changhua clock plants, Taichung furniture business department, Taipei headquarters, Dongguan clock plant, first Dongguan metal-tube furniture plant, Dongguan Powerite Wood Co., Ltd., second Dongguan metal-tube furniture plant, Hung Yung Artware Products Co., Ltd., and Hung Sheng Artware Products Co., Ltd.
Employees:We have 2,500 staff at the present time, among which 100 work for our Taiwan-based factories; the remainder work for our factories in mainland China.
Main Products:Clocks, metal-tube furniture, wooden furniture (including wooden bed sets, PU foamed products, and lighting fixtures.


K/D Furniture, Dining Tables and Chairs, TV Stands and Audio Racks, Flower Stands, Plated Racks, Metal Beds, Metal Chairs, Metal Tables and Desks, Coffee Tables, Cupboard Tables and Desks, Lighting Fixtures, Dining Room Furniture, Kitchen Furniture, Cloakroom Furniture, Poly Table Lamps, Poly Floor Lamps, Mirrors, Oil Paintings, Clocks, Photo and Picture Frames, Electronic Clocks, Quartz Clocks, Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Metal Table Lamps, Metal Floor Lamps, Finished Furniture, Finished Lighting Fixture, K/D Furniture for Diningroom, K/D Furniture for Livingroom, K/D Furniture for Bedroom, K/D Furniture for Display Rack, Poly Clocks, Poly Mirror Frames, Poly Picture Frames


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