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The RISE Group since 1987
RISE lighting, ABINI lighting in Taiwan & China ,ABINI technic inc. in China, ZM-Aluminium in Taiwan & Guangdong are the members of RISE group since year of incorporation 1987.
* Land of sales, production, warehouse: 48000 square meters
* Building of sales, production, warehouse area: 30000 square meters
* Number of countries in RISE GROUP sell to: 60 countriesThe Investments in equipment, technologies, human resources is 5% of our annual turnover.

RISE'S Management Philosophy
Customers are the roots of a corporation’s survival. Therefore, to achieve the goal of sustainable growth, we develop and build up our customer base with quality products, enthusiastic services, innovative R&D, and a broad scope of the international market. A person’s ways in the society should be like the maturing of rice; when it matures, the spikes becomes weightier, and the weightier it becomes, the spikes hang humbly lower. Similarly, for a corporation, the larger it grows, the humbler it should be.


灯饰, 镜前灯/浴室灯, 壁灯, 嵌灯, 工程灯, LED灯具, 户外灯/路灯/工作灯, 投光灯/探照灯, 轨道灯, 格型日光灯, 变压器

公司名称: 世大照明股份有限公司
地址: 242 新北市新庄市区五权一路7号
电话: 886-2-2299-0607 (5 Lines), 2999-0355 (3 Lines)
传真: 886-2-2299-0615, 2298-1677
网址: www.rise-lighting.com