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Almost 2 decades of manufacturing experience
Euphoria Industrial is an experienced manufacturer of LED products. We have our headquarters in Taiwan, which focuses on R&D, sales and customer service. Our Mainland China branch controls supplier verification, sourcing and project management. We pay close attention to the market trends and to the development of new production technologies.

Euphoria product line
Our product line includes LED lighting fixture with RGB control, LED projector with RGB control, LED surface-mounted lighting fixture with RGB control, LED semi-flush lighting with RGB control, LED table lamp, LED rechargeable table lamp, LED solar light and LED floating solar light. They come with CE approval so they are ready for sale in the European market.

Our RGB-controlled LED lighting systems are operated by a single IR remote control. The fixtures deliver preset sequences of up to nine color washes that change every 15 seconds. A choice of synchronizations and special effects allow the user to create the ideal atmosphere for a concert hall, shop or even living room.

Strict quality control
Quality is one of the major concerns of Euphoria. All our products undergo in-house inspection before they are released to ensure best performance. Source our Euphoria and e-Lite brands or have us configure a lighting system for your market. Contact us today for details.

Our Products
All categories – 29 products
Smooth Surface-Mounted Lighting on color changes – 4 products
Vivid Semi-flush Lighting Set on color changes – 3 products
Dynamic Projector on color changes – 2 products
Solar Garden Light – 4 products
Floating Solar Light – 10 products
LED Table Lamp – 3 products
Rechargeable LED Table Lamp – 3 products


LED燈具, 發光二極體, LED軌道燈, LED彩色變化控制器, LED高功率迷你軌道燈具, LED高功率櫃抬燈具, LED高功率彩色變化控制軌道燈具, 戶外燈/路燈/工作燈, 其他特殊功能燈具

公司名稱: 優福立有限公司